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The Nutritional Bomb

Contents: 2 scoops of IsaLean® Shake mix, 1 scoop of IsaPro® pure whey protein, 1 scoop of Isagenix Greens!®, 1 tbsp of raw blue agave, 1 tbsp of organic peanut butter, purified water & ice.

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Instructions: Place 5 ounces of the purified water and 5 ounces of ice with your blender, along with the rest of the ingredients. Blend it up and garish having a fresh strawberry. Enjoy!

For Inspiration as the blender is running: Every time I turn on the blender, my children put their hands over their ears and start screaming. That's not exactly inspiration, nonetheless it always makes me laugh. As I do more of these posts, I'll share items like music or movie inspirations, quotes, or little tidbits that get me motivated on that particular day.


Breakfast! This is not a weight loss shake, it's really a power shake before a huge morning workout, a protracted hike, or heavy physical activity. A normal IsaLean® shake included in a weight loss program has only 240 calories. This shake weighs about 540 calories, which will provide you with energy to burn. Also note, 540 calories using these Isagenix products translates to 2500 calories of nutrition. What does which means that? Your body runs off of nutrition, not calories. With normal food, like breakfast cereals for instance, you'd probably need to eat 7500 calories worth of the average cereal in order to equal the concentrated nutrition packed into this Isagenix® shake.

This shake could also be a lunch meal replacement, but it is definitely NOT something you take before going to sleep. Use it for fuel, not for a night under the covers.

Buy Isagenix 30 day

Post by isagenix61g (2015-12-28 11:12)

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